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They destroyed native farms, eating harvests and trampling crops. Bob The Bobber After building your accelerometer, take bob everywhere you go for a week. We'll even convert your presentations and slide shows into the universal Flash format with all their original multimedia glory, including animation, 2D and 3D transition effects, embedded music or other audio, or even video embedded in slides.

Tomatoes and hot chili peppers were also transplanted from their place of origin in South America to Afro-Eurasia. Earth exerts a gravitational force on the Sun and the Sun exerts a gravitational force on Earth.

Many Indian Ocean merchants took their chances and sailed without passports or paying dues at Portuguese trading-posts. The Dutch, for example, found that working within the existing system could produce for them the highest profits.

The Sunni-Shia divide in Islam that emerged in the previous time period grew more intense in this era.

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Jerry Bentley, et al. The Contributing Factors, p. The impetus for these changes began in Western Europe where the unity of Christian civilization was shattered by the Protestant Reformation. Forging the National Economy, Chapter That's all free as well. Write answers on a separate sheet or enter your descriptions and answers directly below the questions using italics or bold.

The Confederation and the Constitution, Chapter Consequently, the distinctive Mughal form of painting diffused across the Indian subcontinent.

Islam blended with local cultures in Southeast Asia as well. With over 50 trading posts from southeast Asia to Africa's west coast, they attempted to force merchants to call at these ports and pay duties.

The Atlantic System would emerge as the premier trade system in this era. Then in the early 17th century a discovery was made that dramatically increased the cultivation of sugar. This in turn created a tremendous demand for slaves.

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How are the reforms linked together. Combined with a deluge of silver from the Americas, Mughal wealth was enormous; elite sponsorship of artists led to an outburst of creativity with distinctive Mughal forms of art developing.

Rice and Grafton, p. Thus in Latin America is it less accurate to speak of "conversion" than of the rise of a genuinely mestizo religion in which indigenous people projected ancient forms of worship onto the symbols of the new Catholic faith. New technologies and methods of financing enabled trans-Atlantic trade and altered previous patterns of exchange.

Europeans were the first to mount firearms on their ships, outfitting their caravels and galleons with broadside canon. What law s is are being illustrated. Drifting Toward Disunion, Chapter The forward sails were large rectangular power sails with the last mast usually carrying a lateen sail.

Borrowing elements of Arabic shipbuilding, Prince Henry and his engineers designed the famous caravel, mentioned above. Developing about a century after the caravel was Note the indirect route in red of the return to Portugal from the western coast of Africa.

In these Orders, Sunni and Shia Muslims, heretics, and traditional spiritualists all came together. Breaking traditional customs of tolerance, the King of Portugal asked the leader of Calicut to expel all Muslims from his kingdom. Europeans adapted, improved, and synthesized the use of technologies and knowledge deriving from many cultures.

Conversion stories took on traditional characteristics, such as accompanying miracles and signs. The Road to Revolution, Chapter 8: The Letter should include a description of the set-up of the experiment. Why do think things changed.

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In Brazil, they organized people into villages, built schools for children, and created a writing system for the local languages. These crosswords are challenging and appropriate for A. Further contributing to this deforestation was the single cash-crop nature of the plantation system.

These major routes coexisted for most of this time and no major new networks were added. Percentage of AP Exam = 10%. AMSCO textbook. ch 2 (p. ) ch 3 (p. ) Period 1 / 2 Reading Packet Links podcast links Pocahontas: An American Princess.

1 and 4 could be joined together by a glycosidic linkage to form a disaccharide. b. 9 and 10 could be joined together by ester bonds to form a triacylglycerol.

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Unit 1 Homework Schedule (cwiextraction.com Loading. Key Terms and People – APUSH UNIT 1 For any 60 of the 80 terms listed below, please indicate the most specific date possible relative to the term and to write a clear, concise statement detailing its main idea and significance.

Note – all terms on this list are important and could show up on the AP exam.

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Apush unit1 4
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